Just The Way You Are

Evan loves writing his own lyrics to favorite songs in Music TherapyEvan loves rewriting the lyrics to his favorite songs, both as a creative tool and a way to express what he’s feeling.

That’s one of the primary goals of Music Therapy.

Songwriting also helps Evan cope with life’s changes, while looking forward to the positive things the future holds.

Because he’s been practicing songwriting in Music Therapy for a while, he can turn his thoughts into lyrical lines independently. One verse he wrote recently (to the tune of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars) was:

The temperature is rising everyday
Once it was 70 degrees, but then it went up to 80
I can stay outside, all day everyday
You know, you know, you know I want 80s not 30s
I can play volleyball in the driveway with family
I will eat ice cream on a hot day to cool down

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are becoming a bit more relaxed, he and Music Therapist Katie Snyder are both happy to move their weekly sessions from remote tele-medicine back to getting together in-person.

Just one more thing to sing about!