Competing in the “Mane Event”

Hilary has always loved riding horses. According to Community Living Site Lead Candice Hardwick, “That is her most passionate and favorite thing  in the world.” On May 4, Hilary joined 70 other riders for Agape Therapeutic Riding’s 5th Annual Mane Event in Bloomington. Despite the rain and mud, Hilary competed in several categories, including the … Read More »

He’s Truly a Fan…of Fans

When people hear about Brian’s lifelong fascination with fans, they are usually surprised. Why would that be something that a teenager would like—and even collect? The nearly 2,500 subscribers to his YouTube channel would be the first to disagree. So would the 1,600+ “fans” of the Facebook page he belongs to. You might also be … Read More »

Celebrating World Autism Day

Adapted from an article by Dr Susan Mary Zachariah, a senior specialist of Developmental Pediatrics at Aster Medcity, Kochi. While April is recognized as Autism Awareness Month, April 2 is celebrated around the globe as World Autism Awareness Day. Studies show that one in 59 children have autism. That means that nearly every family will … Read More »