It Takes a Village.

celebrate all the opportunities in our communityWhen your needs go beyond what Noble can provide, we will refer you to resources and supports outside of Noble when we think that may be the best answer for your situation. And by tapping into other resources in our community, we can help you and your family achieve your dreams and live fuller, more enriching lives. We are here for you, and because we know what else is available in our community, you benefit from the best of all worlds.

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Helpful Links

About Special Kids

ADD/ADHD & Success in School

ADHD & the Benefits of Exercise

Answers for Autism

Airlines & Disability Accommodations

American Association on Mental Retardation

The Arc of Indiana

The Arc of the United States

Asperger’s Support

Autism Society of America

Autism Society of Indiana

Baby Online

Beach Center on Families & Disability

Birth Injuries

Centers for Disease Control (early indications of autism)

Cerebral Palsy (helping children)

Cerebral Palsy Group

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Children’s Defense Fund

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

Consumer Safety and Product Recalls

Cord Blood Banking

Disability Employment

Disability Employment/Assisting Your New Co-Worker

Disability History Museum

Disability Information and Resources

Disability Resources

Down Syndrome Foundation

Educational Opportunities

Drug & Product Recalls

Family Voices of Indiana

Healthy Hearing

Healthy Living

Hollis Adams Foundation

Housing and Mortgage Loan Information

Housing and Mortgage Guide for People with Disabilities

Indiana Family Helpline

Indiana First Steps

Indiana Resource Center for Autism

Indiana Resource Center for Autism: After the Diagnosis

Indy Go Transportation

The Institute for Family-Centered Care

Learning Disabilities (types of learning disabilities)

Marion County First Steps Council

Medicaid Waiver Guide

Medicaid Waivers


Medicare Financial Guide

Mental Health

Mental Health: Early Signs of Mental Illness

Michael’s List (for those who work with & love someone with ASD)

National Center for Early Development & Learning

National Center for Family Support

National Down Syndrome Society

National Organization on Disability

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System

Nursing Home Abuse Prevention

Online Shopping for People with Disabilities

Parenting Special Needs

Parent’s and Physician’s Guide to Autism

A Piece of the Puzzle

The Portage Project

The Quality Mall (connecting visitors to products & services)

Radar (research on developmental disability issues)

Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities

Self Advocacy Online

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide

Special Education Master’s Degrees

Special Education Resources

Special Needs Blog

Substance Abuse & the Link to Disabilities

Tax Tips for People with Disabilities

Traveling Tips for People with Disabilities

Virtual World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities

Wheelchair Safety in the Home and Community