Our Code of Ethics

Noble staff members pride themselves on how we adhere to the highest code of ethics that governs everything we do and how we live out our mission to our community. These standards apply to all interactions, including those with co-workers; the people we serve; parents, family members and guardians; related agencies; and all external stakeholders in the community. As a condition of employment, all employees must accept, abide by and promote the following Noble Code of Ethics.

Promoting an Ethical Culture

Noble employs a professional staff to provide quality services to individuals with disabilities, while adhering to the responsible and ethical business practices of the agency. As an employee of Noble, I understand that the purpose of this Code of Ethics is to:

  • Promote the highest standards of conduct for all employees
  • Protect the integrity of all services
  • Promote the safety and satisfaction of individuals served, and
  • Foster a culture that strives for excellence at all times.
Mission and Values
  • I support the agency’s mission to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through individualized services. I will help individuals direct the course of their own lives, providing opportunities to maximize their quality of life with regard to community, inclusion, relationships, and employment.
  • I will use “person-first” language in referring to individuals with disabilities, demonstrating respect for their inherent dignity and value.
  • I will communicate with others in a courteous and friendly manner, demonstrating strong customer service and promoting a work environment of trust, mutual respect and professional collaboration.
Rights and Confidentiality
  • I will embrace a diverse workforce free of discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, color, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status, and will avoid discrimination on the basis of factors that are irrelevant to the provision of services.
  • I will abide by Noble regulations to protect the dignity and rights of employees and individuals served. I will protect the rights of individuals from unethical, abusive, neglectful, demeaning or otherwise harmful actions of others, and will immediately report any such violations to management.
  • I will follow established policies and procedures governing behavior management and physical intervention when working with individuals for whom such supports may become necessary.
  • I will encourage and support individuals served to be involved in all aspects of their service planning, as appropriate, and welcome and encourage family input and involvement.
  • I will maintain the confidentiality of records and other pertinent information for all employees and individuals served, and will release such information only with prior consent of the individual, with good cause and according to agency policies, and as prescribed by other state and federal regulations, like HIPAA.
Health, Safety and Legal Safeguards
  • I will be aware of, and abide by, all rules designed to promote a safe and healthy work environment, and will report unsafe conditions or any other unprofessional conduct that may jeopardize an individual’s safety or influence the individual in any decision making process to management.
  • I will uphold all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and refrain from doing anything that may discredit the agency. If I become aware of alleged abuse or neglect of an individual, fraud or other violation of agency policies and procedures or state and federal laws, I will immediately report any violations to management without fear of negative consequences for reporting such violations in good faith.
  • I will accurately present my professional qualifications, maintaining licensure as applicable, and adhering to all standards, laws and regulations governing my profession.
  • I will complete all work-related documentation and reports in an honest and ethical manner, will be a responsible steward of Noble’s resources, and will immediately report to management any suspected falsification or fraud.
  • When having access to agency resources, funds, and/or equipment, I will adhere to related policies and procedures to ensure appropriate and efficient usage of those assets.
  • I will enter into contractual relationships or commitments on behalf of the agency only to the extent I am authorized to do so, and will exercise appropriate due diligence.
Professional Responsibilities
  • I will provide professional services with objectivity and with respect for the unique needs and values of the individuals served. I will conduct all services with honesty, integrity and fairness, fulfilling professional commitments in good faith, avoiding bias or nepotism, and with the highest level of responsibility and accountability.
  • I will support, and encourage others to support, agency policies and decisions. I will provide input regarding services and work processes, and will promote and positively adhere to established policies and procedures. However, I will ask questions or report concerns if any policies, rules, or decisions appear to violate laws or regulations.
  • As a dedicated employee, I will demonstrate professional work habits on a daily basis, including regular attendance, adherence to deadlines, professional appearance, and positive interactions with others.
  • When presenting Noble services to potential customers, donors or other external stakeholders, I will provide positive, honest, objective and factual information. I will ensure that inquires or concerns are addressed promptly, or referred to and followed up by the right resource.
  • I will establish appropriate boundaries to ensure that all relationships with individuals served remain professional and therapeutic in nature. I will fully disclose potential conflicts of interest, whether personal or professional, that might affect my ability to exercise impartial and ethical judgment in the area of my responsibilities.
  • I will not engage in uninvited solicitation of potential Noble clients, and will not provide monetary or in-kind gifts to individuals potentially served by Noble and/or family members, or state employees and/or their immediate family.
  • I will show respect for and safeguard the personal property of co-workers and individuals served. I will never borrow money or exchange personal property with an individual receiving services. I will not enter into personal financial transactions with customers or stakeholders that create a real or perceived conflict of interest.
  • I will exercise my best judgment on the appropriateness of soliciting funds from co-workers on behalf of a personal cause, and always without pressure. I will never solicit funds from individuals receiving services. I will strive for continual personal and professional growth to improve my effectiveness in fulfilling my professional responsibilities, thus improving services and supports for individuals served.