A History Of Caring.

In February 1953, Noble’s founders gathered together, united behind a common goal. They chose to ignore the advice of doctors and societal pressures to blaze an innovative path that we’re still pursuing today.

Their children had been born with disabilities like Down syndrome and autism. At that time, parents of children with disabilities were expected to institutionalize their sons and daughters or keep them hidden at home. Going to school was not even an option.

However, our founding parents knew that their children could learn and were eager to do so. They could achieve their goals, realize their dreams and contribute significantly to the world around them. Noble School was born that September, and the rest, as they say, is history. One that we turned into a short 70th Anniversary video we hope you’ll enjoy.

Meeting Today’s Needs

Over the years, our organization has evolved to meet the changing needs of the people we serve. Now, Noble empowers 3,700+ children & adults with disabilities and their loved ones in Central and Eastern Indiana through a variety of supports each year.

Hundreds of individuals develop their skills, achieve their career goals and earn a paycheck through our Employment Services. We provide Day Services that include Therapeutic Art, gardening and Community Exploration. Other services include Music Therapy, Recreational Therapy and opportunities to give back through volunteer work. Noble provides a variety of exciting Summer Day Camps to young people of all abilities. And we give families a break by providing Respite Services.

The best part? This is only some of what you’ll discover on your own journey with Noble.