Center for Family Leadership

You Are Not Alone On This Journey.

Being a parent of a child with disabilities can sometimes be a challenging and lonely experience, but the Center for Family Leadership can help. Generously funded by the Harriet P. Irsay Endowment Fund, the Center for Family Leadership connects families with each other so they can support one another, trade coping techniques and share common experiences. Through the educational forums and events we offer, our goal is to empower families to meet the challenges of daily life and help their children achieve their dreams.

We Are Here for You.

At our educational forums and events, we share information, experiences, strength, hope and resources. Most important, we learn from each other.

Join us for our upcoming training:

Our Center for Family Leadership forums are made possible through the generosity of the Harriet P. Irsay Endowment Fund. If you would like to receive a heads-up on upcoming forums and information geared for parents and families, please email Diane Gann.

Learn More.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our family oriented programs, please call us at 317-375-2700 to learn more. Or click here, share a little information with us, and we’ll get back to you.

Avari with her parents
Avari with her parents