Noble  |  The Arc of Greater Indianapolis

Exercise Your Right to Be Heard

As The Arc of Greater Indianapolis, we visit our legislators to talk with them about important issues.Noble serves as The Arc of Greater Indianapolis for Marion and Hamilton Counties. A passionate champion for people with developmental disabilities, we collaborate with advocates on a variety of disability issues before all levels of government.

From hosting Legislative Forums to educating individuals & families on issues that affect them to helping them testify in legislative committees, we are here to help you exercise your right to be heard.

One important way to advocate for yourself is to vote. All residents have the right to vote, but it is up to you to register. If you need help with that, please let us know.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, we do not endorse individual candidates or tell you how to vote. Rather, as advocates for you and your loved ones, we are here to provide you with information & resources so you can be an informed voter.

One of these resources is The Arc of Indiana 2024 Public Policy Agenda. This guide details the broader issues for which we plan to advocate in the 2024 State Legislative Session. You can find an overview of these issues in The 2024 Executive Summary.

Know Your Rights & Advocate for Yourself

As a citizen, you have the right to advocate for your needs & those of loved ones. You can exercise that right by voting, contacting your legislators & making your voice heard.

Noble is committed to helping by:

  • Working with The Arc of Indiana, The Arc U.S., INARF, SIPN & other partners to promote sound public policy
  • Educating individuals & families on issues that may impact them
  • Helping people register to vote
  • Hosting Legislative Forums to educate candidates on our issues
  • Working with other advocacy organizations to amplify our message
  • Representing individuals & families at all levels of government
  • Educating families on Arc public policy initiatives
  • Alerting individuals & families as key issues come up for a vote
  • Helping individuals & families testify before legislative committees
  • Ensuring that individuals sign up for Medicaid Waiver and other vital benefits

Membership is free for individuals and families receiving Noble services. For all others, membership is $15. Fill out this form and mail it back so we can include you among our members.