This Is The Best Thing Ever!

It’s the best thing ever! Twice a week, two-year-old Liam “plays” on the computer with his Noble/Kids Only therapists through First Steps early intervention. Developmental Therapist Kacey Eickhoff and Occupational Therapist Michaela Wadsworth coordinate their efforts with Liam to maximize the impact of both therapies. Remote early intervention therapies (provided through telehealth) ensure that everyone … Read More »

Latest (Noble) Fashion Craze

The latest fashion craze to hit the runway: #COVID-19 face masks that protect (although not quite N95 level) while making a statement. Diane Gann has been with Noble for over 32 years, holding a number of positions along the way. When she’s not helping people with disabilities live their best lives, a favorite hobby is sewing. Each year, … Read More »

Look! My Therapists Are On TV!

For two-year-old Reina, the best part of her weekly First Steps Early Intervention therapies during COVID-19 isn’t just that she gets to keep seeing her friends, Occupational Therapist Laura-Jean Page and Physical Therapist Kristen Quigley. Of course, they’re always fun, but now there’s something even cooler: They’re on TV! At least that’s what it looks … Read More »

Facilitating Work on the Front Line

Despite the world’s focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, people with serious health conditions like diabetes still need critical medications. That’s where businesses like Eli Lilly and Company perform a vital role, creating insulin for them. That means people like Darrin are a critical part of that effort. He works at Lilly Technology Center South, where he sanitizes common … Read More »