On The Job.

You can diversify your team and boost your bottom line by hiring an individual through Community Employment.

Our employment consultants understand that you have a business to run, so this free personnel service will help you determine your human resource needs or where you might gain greater efficiencies by hiring an employee with disabilities.

We screen potential applicants and match you with the best candidates. You make all the hiring decisions, while we provide any on-the-job training needed and follow up regularly to make sure it’s a success for everyone.

The workers we support average over four years on the job, minimizing the cost of turnover. In fact, we have individuals who have been on the job for decades. Because job retention is very important, we work hard to find you the right employee that will strengthen your team. Workers with disabilities hold just about every job imaginable, from receiving clerk to mailroom staff to food prep assistant. Just let us know what you need, and we will find a skilled employee for you.


Noble Employment and Workforce Services (N.E.W.S.) is another way you can diversify your workforce. We provide your company with Noble employees with disabilities to handle a variety of job tasks. Our N.E.W.S. crew can increase your team’s productivity and boost efficiency with qualified, dependable workers where and when you need them on a contract basis.

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If you or someone you know would benefit from Noble’s Employment Services, please call us at 317-375-2700 to learn more. Or click here, share a little information with us, and we’ll get back to you.