Life’s a Bit Easier with a Little Help

Participant Assistance and Care offers support for daily living activities, self-care and mobility. That means you can get hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, supervision and monitoring—whatever you need to ensure your health, safety and welfare. Our goal is the same as yours: for you to live a more fulfilling life.

Making Life More Manageable

Living as independently as possible is a goal we all share. While you may not need Community Living residential supports, Participant Assistance and Care can make a huge difference in those areas of your life that may require a little support. Participant Assistance and Care offers:

  • Help with personal care and scheduling appointments
  • Assistance in preparing meals, shopping and running errands
  • Assistance in completing daily chores
  • Opportunities to participate in leisure activities in the community
  • Assistance in overcoming any mobility issues
  • Help in using assistive technology so you can be more independent
  • Help with correspondence and paying bills
  • Someone to take you to community activities and appointments
  • Support for your behavioral goals
  • Adherence to risk plans to ensure your health and safety
How To Get Involved.

Whether your life is directly impacted by a disability or you care about someone who is facing challenges, we offer resources, services and supports that truly make a difference. Over the years, we have impacted thousands of lives, helping individuals achieve their dreams. And you can help us impact thousands more by volunteering your time or financially supporting our mission. Together, we can Dream it. Live it.™

Case History: A Noble Life.

Mollie is an independent young woman. When she sets her mind on something, there is no stopping her. So when she decided that she wanted to live on her own, her family knew that she would need just a little bit of support to make her dream a reality. That’s where Noble has made all the difference. From helping her pay bills to making appointments, our services mean that nothing is stopping Mollie now.

A Medicaid Waiver-funded service, we provide Participant Assistance and Care in the community and at your home.

Learn More.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Participant Assistance and Care, please call us at 317-375-2700 to learn more. Or click here, share a little information with us, and we’ll get back to you.

Mollie at home cooking something on the stove.
Mollie working at JC Penney