Entrepreneurial Spirit.

People with disabilities can find career fulfillment and earn an income by starting their own businesses. Through Noble’s Entrepreneurial Services, our staff provides the time, technical support and space for individuals to dream, explore and create their own work.

For example, an individual interested in creating artwork to sell will have the tools, space and support they may need to complete pieces that can be sold at Noble events, local art fairs, and through online venues. Individuals may choose to collaborate with local artists or create the pieces on their own.

Others may choose to sew, grow vegetables, make candles, create craft products–the possibilities are endless. Eventually, we hope to establish a small store to sell products produced by the people we serve.

How To Get Involved.

Whether your life is directly impacted by a disability or you care about someone who is facing challenges, we offer resources, services and supports that truly make a difference. Over the years, we have impacted thousands of lives, helping individuals achieve their dreams. And you can help us impact thousands more by volunteering your time or financially supporting our mission. Together, we can Dream it. Live it.™

Learn More.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Entrepreneurial Services, please call us at 317-375-2700 to learn more. Or click here, share a little information with us, and we’ll get back to you.