Ticket-to-Work Eases Return to Workforce

Getting back to work has been easy for Jekins through Noble's Ticket to WorkGetting back into the workforce after the onset of a disability can be difficult, but that’s where Ticket-to-Work can be a tremendous help.

Noble became a Ticket-to-Work provider last year, and it’s making a big impact in the lives of the people who participate as well as on our local workforce.

Jekins retired from the U.S. Marine Corps. and needed some help getting back into the workforce so he turned to Noble. Now he is working each day at Eli Lilly through subcontractor Aramark, where his supervisor and colleagues have been thrilled with his contributions to the team.

Keith Dodson notes that Jekins is “willing to do whatever we ask him to do,” adding that “he has been a great addition to the team.”

Kimberly Birosh says that she particularly appreciates his “attention to detail and his initiative in making us aware of situations that need to be brought to our attention.”

For his part, Jekins says he really enjoys the people and the atmosphere there.

As an official Ticket-to-Work provider, Noble has several staff certified to process applications. To learn more, please email Employment Director Danny Bray or call him at 317-375-2716.