Siblings Share a Special Bond

Sibling share a bond like no otherThe longest relationships we will every have—even longer than our parents or our spouses—is with our siblings. That is certainly true for Tommy, whose sister Dana has helped him make his life what it is today. Soon after Dana moved to Indianapolis in 1995, she helped Tommy move in with her so he would have more opportunities.

Their first focus was learning how to live more independently. From living with her to moving to a group home, he developed those vital skills to the point that he now lives in supported living and looks forward to one day having his own apartment.

Their second focus was on developing the necessary job skills to work in the community. As Tommy says, “I wanted a job!” He started off working at Noble Business Enterprises and then began participating in our Career Discovery Experience. That helped him lay the necessary groundwork to land a job through Community Employment at McAlister’s Deli. His advice for any young person leaving high school: “Get a job coach and work hard!”

As a very involved sister, Dana has her own advice to share with other families: “Do your research and learn what is out there. When your brother or sister wants to try something, let them do it. You all will grow.”