Teaming Up with United Way for a 7th Inning Stretch

Helping United Way with a 7th Innning StretchThe voices were enthusiastic and mostly on-key as they sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Noble Music Therapist Sarah King kept everyone in tune with her guitar, as United Way Multimedia Specialist Derik Hughes recorded them.

The July 6th “singing event” took less than 10 minutes—with a couple warm-up practices thrown in—for something that will reinforce the importance of healthy living to United Way staffers.

As you know, United Way is focusing their efforts around four priority initiatives: Education, Basic Needs, Financial Stability and Health. As a way to practice what they preach this summer, they launched a staff Wellness Program. It includes employees receiving a pre-recorded phone call every Thursday afternoon with local celebrities, media personalities and United Way agencies like Noble singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to encourage staff to stand up and do a “7th Inning Stretch.”

Studies have shown how important it is to take a few minutes every hour or two to get up from your desk and move around. That can be as simple as standing up whenever you’re on the phone.

In August, United Way’s 7th Inning Stretch will culminate in an all-team trip to an Indianapolis Indians game. And Noble is happy to do our part to encourage everyone to take a few minutes to focus on their health.