Finding Fun Ways To Stay On Track With His Goals

Michael is enjoying new ways to achieve his goals through Rec and Behavior TherapiesFor over 3 years, Michael has worked closely with Behavior Consultant Molly Lang and Recreational Therapist Lauren White. They have been coaching him on strategies for achieving his health and wellness goals.

As a result, he has made many positive changes in his life. Through the collaboration and teamwork of both therapies supporting him, Michael has made great strides to lose weight and become more independent in making healthy choices.

Lauren and Michael enjoy going to the gym and to local parks to burn off energy and develop ways to incorporate at-home exercise routines between sessions.

Molly tag-teams this effort by helping Michael battle any negative thoughts that could jeopardize the progress he has made towards his weight loss goals.

In addition, they are working together on improving his communication skills with family members and his co-workers at Kroger. By talking through situations, he has a better understanding of how clarity in communications translates into an overall improvement in interpersonal relationships.

Of course, they can’t be serious all of the time, so they process these important skills while playing card games and joking around.

While the last several months have been rough due to COVID-19, all three have found opportunities to work together remotely through telehealth and now starting back up again in person. No matter the method, they always find a way to celebrate the fun side of life.

Speaking of which, Michael is marking his 10th year on the job at Kroger later this month. Now that’s something to truly celebrate!