Connect With Others With Disabilities Through ZOOM

Zoom Meetings for people with disabilitiesRespectAbility is holding COVID-19 Disability Community Gatherings as part of an interactive ZOOM series. Each ZOOM Meeting features expert self-advocates as facilitators and provides opportunities for you to establish:

  1. Community connectivity during isolation
  2. Time to learn from one another and share resources and
  3. A pipeline to action-based solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Want to hear, learn and share good ideas about how to thrive during isolation? Join us! Each ZOOM Meeting is geared toward a specific population within the larger disability community, and focuses on potential solutions to particular challenges.

By participating, we will:

  1. Foster a sense of connection and communication during this time of isolation
  2. Learn from one another and share resources
  3. Establish a pipeline for solution-based action.

Register with the links below for this week’s ZOOM Meetings:

Women with Disabilities
Wednesday, April 22
2:30 pm
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People With Developmental Disabilities
Thursday, April 23
1:30 pm
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