N.E.W.S. Is Helping People Along Their Career Path

Josh is enjoying his new job at SiemensEvery morning, N.E.W.S. Supervisor Tammy Harris and four to five individuals served by Noble leave for Siemens Health, a medical equipment warehouse in Plainfield.

They’ve been working there for almost a year, steadily building up their level of responsibilities and tasks. Their primary job is to assist with packaging medical products in preparation for shipping.

They run the wrap machine, construct the boxes, place stickers on the boxes, and set up the shipments by wrapping and banding the pallets. They are also responsible for tidying the warehouse and separating the recyclables.

The goal is for eight individuals to be working there each day, and to assume responsibility for labeling medical devices. This task requires a high level of attention to detail, with the labeled device then being placed precisely in the box.

Posing by the Siemens sign, Josh is one of our newest N.E.W.S. (Noble Employment and Workforce Services) members. He’s been on the job now for several weeks and enjoys the challenges.

Josh is one of quite a few individuals who joined N.E.W.S. as a result of the Nov. 7 Job Fair Noble hosted for individuals with disabilities. It was such a success for both individuals and waiver case managers that another is being planned for this spring.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can diversify your workforce through Noble’s Employment Services, please contact us.

Or if you are a person with a disability who would like help in finding a job through our services, just let us know. We’re happy to help you along your career path!