Mourning the Loss of a Founding Parent

Noble lost one of our founding parents this week, Lorraine MorfordOn August 30, 2017, Noble lost one of its founding parents and the community lost an incredible woman.

Lorraine Morford, 103, was among the founding families who came together in 1953 to provide for their children what society would not: an education.

Because the public school system would not accept these children, Lorraine and her husband Bob (who passed away in 2010) banded together with other parents to establish Noble School. Their son Bill was one of the first children served by Noble, and he continued to participate in our services for over 50 years.

Over the years, Bob and Lorraine volunteered with Noble in so many capacities. Both served on our Board of Directors and were active in our Parent Chapter, with Lorraine serving as one of its officers. They have raised money for Noble, worked with other families and been tremendous advocates for people of all abilities.

One of their greatest legacies was how they approached life: Rather than back down when faced by obstacles, they would simply fight harder, demonstrating that the only time you lose is when you give up.

While our name has changed and our services have evolved, our founding families truly left their mark on Noble and for that we are eternally grateful.