Vacation Possible through Arc Master Trust

David enjoyed his first vacation in years by tapping into funds in his Arc Trust accountAfter months of planning, getting his passport and packing his bags, David was ready for his four-day vacation

This DisneyLine Cruise to the Bahamas was his first vacation in years.

Early on August 19, he and Noble Program Manager Kendel Tilton flew out to Florida and boarded the ship. Needless to say, they had an awesome time.

David has worked part-time for Noble for over 40 years. Because of his disability, is eligible for SSDI and Medicaid. However, the income caps on those programs keep people with disabilities from working more hours. Earn too much, and you lose your eligibility for the health care and other disability services you need.

That’s where The Arc Master Trust has been an invaluable tool for Hoosiers of all disabilities and their families who want to plan for the future, regardless of your age, or your child’s age or disability.

The Arc of Indiana Master Trust administers two programs:

  • Trust I helps families provide for the financial future of their loved one without affecting eligibility for government benefits such as SSI, SSDI and Medicaid.
  • Trust II allows people with disabilities to save unlimited funds beyond the $2000 resource limit for Medicaid and SSI without impacting eligibility for these important programs. Savings in a Trust II account can be used for qualified disability expenses like training, transportation, living expenses as well as personal items including entertainment, vacations and recreation.

To learn more, contact The Arc of Indiana.