The Kids Just Love Her

Jenny is going to celebrate her 20th year of working at the YThe kids in the YMCA’s child care center love Miss Jenny.

And she loves them too. So much that she is coming up on her 20th anniversary working there.

Through our Community Employment service, we’ve helped thousands of people find jobs since we started Indiana’s first service of this kind in 1986. One of the things we pride ourselves on is making sure that it’s a good job match for everyone involved.

We certainly know that it has been for Jenny.

Both the children she works with and their families love Jenny, who works hard to make sure each day is a good one for everyone. She also helps out at the front desk, where she welcomes guests and folds towels.

In fact she’s been there long enough that she could teach any new hires a few things about how to be successful on the job there.

A huge congratulations to Jenny on reaching this milestone!