Life Moves Fast & So Does Curtis

Curtis loves to stay busyNot too many people work three jobs, manage a couple sports teams and volunteer in their spare time, but Curtis would be bored if he didn’t.

A young man served by our Eastern Indiana team, Curtis stocks the shelves at Gillman Home Improvement, runs the cash register and assists with food prep at Subway, and works one day a week at Trademark Homes.

For the past four years, he has managed the IU East Men’s Basketball Team, traveling around the country with them to all of their games. Because he has enjoyed that so much, he accepted the position as manager of the IU East Track Team too.

He also volunteers in the Life Skills class at a Richmond school, where “Curtis inspires the students.” And during his few spare hours, he competes in Special Olympics.

According to Noble Direct Support Professional Matt Hemingway, “Curtis loves to make money and stay busy every single day!”