Noble to Provide Participant Assistance and Care Under New Waiver

Did You Know…

Did You Know…That you now have a choice in your case management provider? Effective 9/1/12, there are now 4 case management providers in Indiana.

Did You Know…Your Support Services Waiver became the Family Support Waiver, effective 9/1/12.

Did You Know…With this new change, you have more money for services? The new Family Support Waiver has a cap of $16,250. The old Support Services Waiver had a cap of $13,500.

Did You Know…Because case management is now billed at $1,500 as an added service on your new waiver, your new Family Support Waiver gives you $14,750 to spend on services. That is an increase of $1,250 over the old Support Services Waiver.

Did You Know…The Family Support Waiver also offers a new service: Participant Assistance and Care (PAC). PAC services support the individual in daily living activities, self-care and mobility. That means you can get hands-on assistance, prompting, reminders, supervision and monitoring needed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the individual. Activities can include:

  • Assistance with personal care, meals, shopping, errands, scheduling appointments, chores and leisure activities
  • Assistance with mobility—including but not limited to transfers, ambulation, use of assistive devices
  • Assistance with correspondence and bill paying
  • Escorting the individual to community activities and appointments
  • Supervision and monitoring of the individual
  • Reinforcement of behavioral support
  • Adherence to risk plans to ensure health and safety
  • Completion of task lists

Did You Know…Noble of Indiana is an authorized provider of PAC Services? Our Community Living program has competent, compassionate, caring staff ready to assist your loved one in achieving their goals and fulfilling their desires. Please email Erin Hardwick or call her at 317-375-2703 to learn more.