Top 10 Tuesday: What DSPs Bring to the Job Every Day

In honor of DSP Appreciation Week, we are taking the opportunity to recognize the many contributions that our DSPs make each day. For Top 10 Tuesday, we compiled a list of some of the characteristics that our DSPs draw on in working with the individuals we serve:

  1. Dedication: to the people we serve and to this career path
  2. Professionalism: holding themselves and each other accountable
  3. Positive Attitude: always looking at the bright side every situation
  4. Creativity: finding new ways to connect, teach & impact lives
  5. Energy: this definitely isn’t a desk job!
  6. Appreciation: for the talents that others have
  7. Resourceful: finding new ways to have fun, especially with the challenges of COVID
  8. Sensitive: to the thoughts & feelings of others, even when they can’t express them
  9. Reliability: because people are counting on you!
  10. Perseverance: in helping others “Dream it. Live it.”

highlighting Community Living DSP Doneisha Bridgeforth Also as part of this special week, we are taking a moment each day to highlight one of our DSPs. Today, we are recognizing Doneisha Bridgeforth from our Community Living team.

Doneisha always brings a positive attitude and bright smile day in and out while working with the individuals we serve and while engaging with her colleagues in the office. She’s a great team player, stepping in to assist whenever needed and taking the initiative to ensure that the goals of each person she supports are being met. They even comment on her good cooking skills.

We truly appreciate the dedication and commitment of Doneisha and of all our DSPs as they help each person live their best life.