Learning The Ropes

Dylan is learning the ropes at his new job through NobleBeing the new guy can be hard, unless you’ve just landed a new job. Dylan is now working through our Noble Employment and Workforce Services (N.E.W.S.) at the Indiana State Library.

Monday through Friday, the crew kicks off their day at 6 am, making their way through the various floors of the building before many people have had their first cup of coffee.

Like businesses everywhere, the State Library is operating on an altered schedule right now, but full COVID-19 protocols like face masks and social distancing are still key to helping ensure that everyone stays healthy.

Noble Employment and Workforce Services is a great employment option for many individuals with disabilities.

This job service bids for contract work that pays at least minimum wage, and forms a small team of people we serve to do the work on-site.

These employees handle a variety of job tasks, with a Noble supervisor overseeing the work and providing any training needed. N.E.W.S. is ready to help your company increase its productivity and boost efficiency by providing you with qualified, dependable workers where and when you need them.

Contact Bill if you would like more information on how N.E.W.S. can help your business operate more efficiently.