Definitely Strikes A Chord

David is learning to play the guitar in Music TherapyDavid is a fantastic singer. He can hold each note perfectly a cappella, serenading audiences with songs like “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley. He even sang “Amazing Grace” for a crowd of hundreds at the opening of the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast several years ago.

Lately, however, he has become more interested in learning how to play new songs using the four chords he knows on the guitar.

Working with Music Therapist Katie Snider, he tells her what song he has chosen and the two get to work. By the time they finish their Music Therapy session, David has mastered both the lyrics and the guitar chords needed to play it.

Their final task? Posting a video on his Facebook page so family and friends can see how he’s progressing.

Music Therapy offers David and others we serve a unique tool for achieving goals. For David, he has been building his skills in flexibility, communication, and memory while learning his favorite songs. In fact, he started posting his music videos on social media as a way to encourage others.