This Is The Best Thing Ever!

Liam loves having fun with virtual First Steps early intervention therapyIt’s the best thing ever!

Twice a week, two-year-old Liam “plays” on the computer with his Noble/Kids Only therapists through First Steps early intervention.

Developmental Therapist Kacey Eickhoff and Occupational Therapist Michaela Wadsworth coordinate their efforts with Liam to maximize the impact of both therapies.

Remote early intervention therapies (provided through telehealth) ensure that everyone stays safe, despite the havoc brought on by COVID-19.

Sprawled on his tummy in front of the laptop, Liam’s having a blast working his way through the therapeutic activities. As his mom Melissa is helping her older children navigate e-learning, she loves seeing that he’s making noticeable progress in his development.

In fact, Liam recently “graduated” from Physical Therapy, so he’s a bit bummed not seeing his Physical Therapist Allison Reed any more. However, two-year-olds find plenty of other ways to keep themselves entertained so life is pretty good at his house right now!

If you have concerns about your baby or toddler, our Developmental Checklist may help you decide if you need to contact your pediatrician.