1102 Task Force to Meet Again Dec. 19

The second meeting of the Task Force for Assessment of Services and Supports for People With Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities, also known as the 1102 Task Force, will be held:

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
11 am – 3 pm
Ivy Tech in Bloomington
200 Daniels Way
Connie and Steve Ferguson Academic Building
Shreve Hall (Northwest Entrance)

Public Comment
Up to 50 minutes of public comment will take place 11-11:50 am. There will be a sign-up sheet for anyone wishing to make public comment. Comments will be limited to 2 minutes and will be heard on a first come, first speak basis. If you want to provide comment, you are encouraged to arrive no later than 10:45 am to add your name to the sign-up sheet.

If all individuals who signed up to make public comment have provided their comments prior to 11:50 am, the public comment period will be closed, and the meeting will proceed to the next item on the agenda.

If after 50 minutes of public comment there are individuals who signed up but have not yet been called to offer comment, the public comment period will be closed and those individuals will be encouraged to submit written comments to the Task Force. Click here for more information.

Tentative Agenda Discussion Topics
At this time it is expected that the Task Force meeting #2 will focus on:

  1. Discussion of values and principles that should guide the Task Force in their recommendations
  2. Understanding existing and future needs by looking at the current environment and how this impacts services. Aging parents, co-occurring disabilities, and federal rules are a few of the factors expected to be discussed.
  3. What the intended purposes and outcomes of supports provided to individuals are.