Volunteering for the Long Haul

Derrick has been volunteering at the library for 10 yearsEvery week for the last 10 years, Derrick has been volunteering at the College Branch Library.

It’s part of his Thursday mornings with Community Exploration DSP Jennifer Glunt. When Jennifer picks him up from the apartment he shares with his mom, they go to Einstein’s for coffee and a bagel. Then they may hit Macy’s (he’s a pretty dapper guy and likes to buy cologne) or another store before heading to the library.

His main job there is to take the cart of returned DVDs, alphabetize them and put them back on the shelves. The library has a huge stock of DVDs so Derrick always has a cartload waiting for him to put away when he arrives.

Once he clocks out, Derrick often wants to resume their ongoing card game tournament. The focus lately, though, is both of them learning how to play chess.

Library Volunteer Coordinator Mikayla Kinley says, “Every day Derrick is here is a good day.”

His story of volunteerism will be featured in this year’s United Way Simulcast on Sept. 5th at 7:30 pm on CBS 4.