Health Care Vote Could Decimate Medicaid

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Today the Senate will vote on a motion to consider a health care bill that will either deconstruct Medicaid or gut the health care system so that 32 million Americans will not have health care coverage.

We don’t know which of two bills (or possibly a third bill) will be considered. What we do know is that harm will come to millions if the motion to consider is not stopped.

On the eve of the 27th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Education Act, the Senate will:

• Consider dismantling and drastically de-funding home and community-based services that provide millions with long-term services and supports
• Cut almost three quarters of a trillion dollars in Medicaid funding
• Reduce Medicaid supports to the states by 35% over the next 20 years
• Remove the guarantees that health care plans provide essential health benefits such as rehabilitation services
• Remove the prohibition on discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions
• Make it more difficult for states to provide community-based services by eliminating the Community First Choice option in Medicaid

As of 8:30 am, the vote is scheduled for 2:15 pm. We need thousands and thousands of people to call, write, and visit their Senators’ offices.

The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees rights and access for people with disabilities. But without health care, long-term services & supports, and community-based care, these rights can’t be exercised.

If the motion passes today, there will likely be a vote on a bill later in the week.

Now is the time to make your voices heard.