Hiring People with Disabilities Makes Good Business Sense

Noble’s Community Employment service enhances the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing a pathway to greater financial independence and an avenue to develop the skills that today’s employers need–but it also makes good business sense.

By focusing on the unique needs, goals and skills of the individual, Community Employment:

  • Opens the door to our community’s workforce
  • Increases the individual’s financial independence
  • Enhances the quality of life of the individual
  • Offers opportunities for the person to gain new skills
  • Meets the human resource needs of our community’s employers
  • Enriches the lives of everyone on the team
  • Improves the company’s bottom line by helping the team run more efficiently
  • Provides businesses with dependable, skilled and dedicated employees
  • Enriches the diversity of our community’s workforce
  • Boosts our local economy

Funded by the Indiana Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Community Employment is free for employers—including on-the-job training and follow-up.

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