Rockin’ Out in Music Therapy

We know that Music Therapy is scientifically proven to be an incredibly effective therapeutic technique. It’s goal-driven, enhances communication skills, improves fine motor skills, boosts self-esteem, even helps lower blood pressure and ease depression by boosting emotional health. But it’s also a lot of fun, and who doesn’t need a bit of fun in their … Read More »

It’s All in the Details

Danna works quickly but methodically. Each pencil stroke is precise and fluidly drawn. And the results are stunning. From sketches of a two-story home to the fur on a reclining kitty, Danna manages to capture the minutest of details. Here Danna celebrates his hero, Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck preparing to make the game-winning pass. … Read More »

DSPs: The Heart of It All

Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun this year as we joined our fellow Arc members downtown at the Capitol Building distributing valentines to the state legislators who represent us. As The Arc of Greater Indianapolis, Noble provides advocacy services for individuals and families in Marion and Hamilton counties. That translates into 35 legislators to … Read More »