Bouncing With Tigger In Music Therapy

Hope you enjoy this video created in Music Therapy by DylanWith the help of Tigger and Music Therapist Andrea DeHaan, Dylan is working on emotional expression and gross motor skills.

During a recent Music Therapy session, Dylan created this video using the VidRhythm app on his iPad. In the process, he discovered that he really likes making videos!

Music Therapy is an incredibly powerful tool that helps people express their thoughts and feelings when words aren’t enough.

Our fully accredited Music Therapy is tailored to the unique needs of each person, offering the opportunity to improve communication, socialization, physical responsiveness, sensory processing, emotional expression and cognitive skills.

It also empowers individuals to make choices and develop coping mechanisms–all while remaining fun. Click here to learn more or email us.

Hope you enjoy Dylan and Tigger’s adventure!