Did You Know 92% of Our Services Are Community-Based?

Including people of all abilities in the communityWhen Noble was founded 65 years ago, we were a school for kids with disabilities.

Kids with disabilities weren’t allowed to go to the public schools, so we provided an education within our building.

They were getting something they desperately needed, but they were still segregated from the rest of society.

Much has changed since then. People of all abilities attend public schools, contribute to our workforce, enjoy hobbies, make friends and pursue their dreams. And it’s all happening in the community.

Because of advocates like Noble, society now embraces the contributions, gifts and talents of people with disabilities.

At Noble, we are proud that 92% of our services are now provided in the community.

Of course, we can only continue to advocate for people with disabilities to be fully included in our community with your help.

Spread the word. Let’s celebrate the gifts and contributions each one of us have to offer!