Noble Helped Make Ben’s Dream Come True

Working at a fire department has always been a dream for Ben. Thanks to Noble’s Community Employment Program, Ben has been able to live this dream for the past several years. Ben works Tuesdays and Thursdays for the City of Lawrence Fire Department, helping around the fire station.

Deputy Chief Jeff Williams said, “It’s obvious that Ben enjoys coming in here. He is very routine oriented, and he has his routine down now. It’s been a very good fit for him, and he feels like he’s part of the department.”

Ben has one more dream left – to get a ride home in one of the firetrucks from Fire Chief Dino Batalis.

Did you know?
* 700 adults with disabilities working through Community Employment, Work Crews and Noble Industries.
* $2 million in wages earned by Noble participants.
* 4.5 years is the average length of employment.
*150 partners open opportunities for people with disabilities.

Help Noble raise $25,000 to provide 5 more jobs to people with disabilities in 2012.